Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions “The writing time website”

These terms and conditions are applied when payment is done for online services through our website www.twt.sa.
In addition to these general terms and conditions, important legal conditions have been stated. Your acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions means that you accept and comply with the website Policy, which is part of a legal contract between TWT and you. You must read all these terms & conditions & policies carefully before making the payment from the services page on the writing time website.
If you have any inquiries about general terms, conditions, policies, or services from writing time, please contact us at info@twt.sa.


we are offering our services through our website www.twt.sa. Which are: Translation
• Proofreading
• Professional CV
• Writing an official letter

Data Integrity

Writing time acknowledges the credibility of the data provided by the customer and the customer personally takes responsibility for the accuracy of his personal data and information which is required to complete the electronic payment process. The customer is responsible for providing any incorrect information. The writing time website is not responsible for incorrect information.


We will do our best to verify that the website is free from viruses. Make sure that you have the right software and systems to detect viruses and other harmful content on the Internet in your own device or on your mobile phone.
Be careful! You may encounter many fake websites for the writing time website, and they may look exactly like the official site and claim to sell our services. The writing time is not responsible for any fraud or forgery attempts by other websites. The Official website is http://twt.sa


It is your responsibility to ensure that your login, password, and all other data associated with your account are kept confidential at any time. You agree to notify us as soon as notice any risk of the security of your account.

Eligibility for purchasing the services

You should provide an active email address and a mobile number that can be easily reached.

Service Request Acceptance

Although we hope to provide all the services that are requested from the client, we reserve the right, at our estimation, without giving any reasons not to accept any purchase ordered at any necessary time. If we decline your request, we will notify you as soon as possible with the refunds.


You can pay for the services that you request by any payment method listed on our website.
We will receive the required payment from your credit card or electronic service (SADAD). By the time you submit your payment request, we will contact you if we have any problems with the purchase of the order from the credit card you entered during the order process. Receiving the order does not mean that we accept the service request. If we do not accept your request, the full amount will be refunded as soon as possible.
We are responsible for the refund to your bank. Your refund duration may vary depending on your bank.


You are not permitted to use any of our services for purposes that are illegal or forbidden, and you are not allowed, by using the Service, to violate any law applied in our country (including, but not limited to, Intellectual property). You should not transmit any viruses or other encrypted files of a destructive nature. Any breach of any item of this Agreement shall result in immediate suspension of providing the services to you.
The Client is responsible for any content provided and does not violate Islamic law. You agree not to use the writing time services on the Internet for any commercial purposes or resale, and we shall not be liable to you for any loss of data, loss of any person or organization, loss of business, loss of business reputation or any effect on your reputation or any other person.

Cancelation Policy

When you submit an order for a service at the writing time, you can cancel your order at any time before starting to work on your requested order.
Canceling your order means that if you change your mind about the requested service, you can notify us by e-mail and request for cancelation.

Change Policy

If you are not satisfied with the service, simply re-order within 5 days of the receiving date with your order number confirmed and we will re-order it.

Important Note:

In the case of differences or contradictions in the content of the terms and conditions between the Arabic version and the English version, the Arabic version of the Terms and Conditions shall apply to legal matters.